Overview of Sale-meds.com – the Drugstore Customers Cannot Rely On

I have been examining different Internet-based drugstores in search of a trustworthy pharmacy. Let me share my opinion of Sale-meds.com with you. I hope that my review will help you choose from a variety of dealers and select one which will meet your needs.


This dealer states that it offers attractive discounts and that clients will be pleased with their collaboration. There was no data about the location of the pharmacy on the official site, and I decided to do research with Scam Advisor. It suggested that the dealer was geographically located in the country Belize. I was not able to find out for how long this trader had been working. The pharmacy declares that it delivers pharmaceutical goods to the United States, Southern America, Canada and India.

The drugstore sells remedies against inflammations, stomach problems, nervousness, infections, high level of cholesterol, depression, obesity, sleep troubles, male and female dysfunctions, etc.

I believe it is good that the medical dealer in focus works with the medicines authorized by Food and Drug Administration. It is an important factor of its trustworthiness. Medical factories and intermediaries it works with are legitimate. It is one of the “pros” to using the service of this dealer.

I have also evaluated the prices offered by the company, and my impression about them was positive. The cost of remedies is considerably lower than the one of other traders. Male medications, such as 50 mg Viagra and 20 mg Levitra cost $2 and $1.75 for one tablet, respectively. There are also price reductions and discounts available to clients.

Cures can be transferred to clients through regular US postal delivery, by air and Express Mail Service. The cost of delivery turns out to be a little over thirty dollars within the US. This is the delivery price of thirty pills of medication. I should say it is expensive, because it is almost equal to the price of the medicine itself. Clients from America will get their orders in one to two weeks, and buyers from more distant areas can count on getting them in up to one month.

The company claims that the cost of the order will be reimbursed to the client if the package does not reach him or if it is damaged. The seller guarantees to resend the medication free of charge upon the customer’s request.

I researched the site for the ways of payment available, and I found out that purchasers could use major kinds of credit cards, for instance, Visa, Master Card and American Express. Clients can pay for the packages which are more expensive than $400 with bank transfers.

The website praises its customer care crew, saying that they will reply to all the questions within twelve hours. Clients are encouraged to write their inquiries to the company’s email. I tested their customer service by calling the number provided on the site, however, nobody answered the phone call. Still, their employee rang me back soon, in several minutes, and addressed my concerns.

Feedback on Sale-meds.com

It was my goal to find the data about this online merchant somewhere else besides its official web-page, thus I set out to look for feedback from clients. I knew how significant it was to read the opinions of genuine buyers and see what they thought about the pharmacy’s performance. I wanted to know whether the quality of medical products was high and whether delivery was timely and safe.

Unfortunately, I was not lucky to find any feedback on this drugstore either on its web-page or anywhere else on the Internet. That was strange, because if the seller did provide exceptional assistance, there would have been remarks about that somewhere. People usually want to share their thoughts if they like the work of the company. They can even suggest using this company’s service to their friends. However, none of this happened in the situation with this trader. I believe that the feedback may be absent because the drugstore is not very popular, or because its service is unsatisfactory.

This factor reduced my trust to this dealer, and I was not sure as to whether to use this website or not.

Reviews Sale-meds.com 2020

Similarly, I did not run into any opinions regarding the dealer in 2019. That was discouraging, and it made me doubt this merchant even more.

I decided to use Scam Advisor as an ultimate source of data, and found out that the drugstore’s rating of trust was poor. Scam Advisor disclosed that the exact location of the pharmacy was unknown and suggested that it was not secure to buy from this dealer.

Thus, my doubts were confirmed and I came to the conclusion that I would not use the services of this merchant.

Coupon Code Offers at Sale-meds.com

As a customer, I was curious whether there were any special offers and discounts for clients at this pharmacy. I did not encounter either bonuses or discounts on the website, and there were no samples to try. Nevertheless, there were some coupon and promo codes which could be used to economize on medicines.

For instance, I had a chance to pay fifteen percent less for my first purchase if I used a promo code. If I ordered something for the cost over two hundred dollars, I would get a twenty percent discount. If I bought a medication for less than fifty dollars, I would get a seven percent cost decrease with the help of the coupon code. Other coupon codes would give me five and thirty percent cost reductions. The latter offer would be available for me if it was my premier order.

Keep in mind that these coupon codes are valid for a restricted period of time.


My overall opinion about this medical merchant is positive, because its prices are affordable and the geography of delivery is wide. The negative factors are the absence of reviews and bad Scam Advisor feedback. If there were any comments from customers available, this would make me trust this online merchant more, and I would give it a higher grade. The data from Scam Advisor showed that the credibility level of this site was low and the safety of its use was questionable. There was no data as to where precisely the headquarters or storage facilities were located. All of these factors influenced my decision to give this dealer a grade of two out of five. In this case the disadvantages of the trader outweigh its positive traits.

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