Review – The Pharmacy Not Requiring the Doctor’s Recipe

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My newest study concerns the Internet drugstore named, which is situated in the Republic of Vanuatu in the Pacific Ocean. When I looked at the webpage of this resource, I did not find anything special on it. The design of the page was simple and contents aimed to explain the rules of using this drugstore’s service.

I found out that this seller started its operation in 1996, and has been supplying remedies since then. The medications the pharmacy works with are authorized by Food and Drug Administration, and this is good news, because it somewhat guarantees their quality. The wide assortment of remedies is impressive – the dealer trades literally anything, from birth control items to cures for transsexuals, and even anti-AIDS solutions can be found at this drugstore.

My area of interest was limited to male health medications, and I set out to look for them on this website. I was able to find thirteen erectile problem cures, and these were their prices: the general remedy using Sildenafil as a base was available for $1.4 per pill, while Levitra cost almost $26 per tablet. Thus, the prices I discovered were adequate, and besides, the merchant gave short ailment descriptions and their reasons on the website, which is helpful for patients, in my opinion. Knowing the drugs the sicknesses can be treated with is essential and does not let people get lost in a variety of medications.

Money transfers can be performed via Bitcoins, E-checks, Visa and American Express credit cards, and MasterCard in certain cases. The products are distributed within a day after medicines have been ordered. There is a special number on the package which lets the buyer know where the parcel currently is. Time of delivery ranges from one to four weeks and heavily depends on the country the drug is delivered to. Regular shipping is free for the majority of destinations, and paid for VIP delivery is available if the client chooses it. I should mention that the enterprise does not cover customs charges, and purchasers have to do it themselves.  

The significant nuance of using this pharmacy is that medicines can be bought without showing a doctor’s recipe here. This makes purchasing easier, however, it does not ensure safety, I believe.

he reimbursement policy states that the price of the remedy will be refunded to the purchaser if he sends back the package without opening it. If the buyer claims that the parcel has been lost no later than two months after placing the order, the seller promises to resend the cure or reimburse its price to the client.

The store’s webpage indicates a telephone number for the customers to call if they need assistance. Clients can also fill out an inquiry form on the site and send in their questions. I should say that it is not easy to get in touch with client care workers of this drugstore because the working hours of the pharmacy do not coincide with American ones. Customer support crew can handle the clients’ questions only when it is late night in the USA due to time difference. I did not see the live chat option on this page, so calling the store or writing an email are the only ways of contacting it.

Feedback on the Pharmaceutical Dealer

Having performed careful research I must say that there are not plenty of opinions on this drugstore’s work. There was no feedback on the official page of the store, there was only some of it on its Facebook page.

I concluded that the most frequent buyers of this dealer were transsexuals, who could easily buy non-recipe hormone medicines on this resource.

One of the consumers shared that he had ordered a remedy from this pharmacy but never received anything, even though more than a month had passed. He was also displeased with client care service which was not helpful and did not answer him promptly.

Another purchaser left a comment that the drugstore in focus was very much like another legitimate pharmacy, and expressed an opinion that it was the same entity.

Feedback on the Merchant Left in 2018

My further research did not result in finding any other reviews on this online dealer. Thus, I wanted to check the safety of this website and turned to Legit Script and Scam Adviser. I trust these resources because they show me the real picture and keep me from jumping into wrong conclusions regarding various sites.

After evaluating this pharmacy with the help of Scam Adviser, I found out that its trust rating was just ten percent, or a very low one. I also noticed that many customers visited the webpage of the drugstore, and that is why I assume it was widely known. I wished I had encountered more feedback about the dealer to justify its popularity.

The Internet address of the store does not coincide with its actual one, according to Scam Adviser. This safety examiner told me that the pharmacy was stationed in North America or Bahamas, however, the website claimed that it was located in Vanuatu Republic.

Legit Script showed that the website I was researching was fraudulent. That was my guess as well, because I figured it could not be legal to sell medicines without a prescription. Such an approach allows false cures into the pharmacological market and it can harm the health of patients. The policy of not requiring recipes is not a responsible one.

Coupon Codes and Discount Options

The advantages of using Inhousepharmacy are cost cut downs and special offers on this website. When I was reading through this merchant’s site, I could see free shipment offers for the goods to be transported to the United States. Free shipping was also available to other countries, but in this case orders would not be tracked.

The site also offered a ten percent discount for the payments made via Bitcoin. This was probably done to make this way of payment more popular. It is possible that the pharmacy has an agreement with this provider and benefits from such payments. It is pleasant for me as a customer to pay less using this money transfer service.


Concluding my research I should say that I do not fully confide in this pharmacological dealer. I believe it is strange that the merchant does not require buyers to provide recipes and is ready to put their health at risk. Thus, I hope that customers are careful and value their health enough not to fall for low prices of this seller.

The website lacks information on the origin of its medicines, and it would be useful to learn where they are produced. The absence of such data makes me doubt the quality of cures, in spite of their appealing prices. I was able to find a limited number of reviews about this dealer, and it does not make me trust it either. The website’s low rating on Scam Adviser and Legit Script confirm my thoughts about the merchant as a fraudulent one.

You can buy male medications from this supplier at a cheap price, but if I were you I would be alert and would check other opportunities. The grade I give to this dealer is two out of five because it has nice prices and cost reductions, but its trustworthiness could be better. I am not going to order from it at the moment because I am not confident that it sells high quality remedies.

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